People for Profit: North Korean Forced Labour on a Global Scale

Edited by Remco E. Breuker & Imke B.L.H. van Gardingen


Jan Blinka
Britt C.H. Blom
Marte C.H. Boonen
Klara Boonstra
Rosa Brandse
Remco E. Breuker
Imke B.L.H. van Gardingen
Larissa van den Herik
Tycho A. van der Hoog
Marieke P. Meurs
Cedric Ryngaert
Shannon R. Stewart
Anoma P. van der Veere

With most of the world focused on peace talks, nuclear programs, and hard rhetoric between leaders, it is easy to lose sight of one important aspect with regard to North Korea: the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Exploited and forced into excruciating conditions, North Korean workers are sent across the world in order to earn foreign currency for a relentless regime.

Tracing this modern form of slavery from Taiwan to Russia, and Europe, this volume lays bare a portion of the extensive financial and labour networks through which the DPRK earns its hard currency, despite the hard sanctions the country faces from the international community.

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