Dr. Stewart is available on a freelance basis for consulting, writing, and project management in the areas of life sciences, data strategy and analytics, innovation, science policy, and the intersection of technology and human rights. 

Services and Past Projects



Research and Writing

In addition to a variety of academic publications, Dr. Stewart was the lead author on a five-year review of science and innovation policy in the United States. She has also produced short policy briefs and writes about science for a lay audience.

She accepts research and writing commissions, including policy research and analysis, on a freelance basis.

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Dr. Stewart acted as a Project Leader for the CSI, which focused on the safety of food and drug imports from China. It used an all-sources intelligence approach, deep toxicology research, and millions of lines of data to help characterize risks associated with intentional adulteration.

She is familiar with large repositories of government data in the United States and China, as well as datasets from OECD and the United Nations. She uses statistical modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning, as needed.

She advises on data analysis and strategy on a freelance basis.



Dr. Stewart has an excellent track record of funding from universities, private foundations, and science funding agencies.

She prepares grant applications on a freelance basis.

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